Leadership at Thirteen01 Productions: Crafting Cinematic Vision

At Thirteen01 Productions, our leadership team is the creative heartbeat of our endeavors, guiding the narrative pulse of every project we undertake. Comprising seasoned filmmakers, visionary producers, and innovative thought leaders, our executives synergize their collective expertise to champion each strategy carried out. With deep roots in the film industry and a forward-facing gaze toward the ever-evolving realm of cinema, our leaders not only adapt to the tides of change but also set the currents in motion. Embodying a blend of artistry and strategy, they are committed to translating unique visions into tangible on-screen realities, making Thirteen01 Productions a beacon of innovation in the world of film production.

Hiam Salibi

Founder / Producer

Ramzi Aweidah

Managing Partner

Mazin Chahin

Managing Partner